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Christian Brilla

Executive courses are offered, facultatively in collaboration with Brilla Yachting where following coaching programs can be ordered in connection with a 1- to 2-week catamaran tour in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean Sea:

  • Strategic career planning
  • Optimization of applications
  • Employee management
  • Leadership approach

In this way, you can achieve personal progress under relaxed conditions of an adventure vacation. Your coach has many years of leadership experience in Germany and the U.S., and more than 10 years in human resources consulting.

Patient courses are offered with the following content:

  • Behavior in chronic diseases (incl. advice on nutrition)
  • Second opinion about diagnostics & therapy for severe diseases
  • In-depth consultation on unknown / rare diseases
  • Lifestyle changes 

Your coach has decades of medical experience in the field of internal medicine with focus on cardiology, angiology, endocrinology and intensive care.

“Following our coaching courses you should be able to set your own course to new frontiers.” (C. Brilla)